Transition Partners

Collaborate with agencies and initiatives to support effective transition practices.


Michigan Rehabilitation Services

Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) is a state agency that helps individuals with disabilities find employment. MRS helps eligible individuals develop skills, prepare for job searches, and find employers.

Many students with disabilities are eligible to work with MRS, although receiving special education and related services does not make a student automatically eligible.

Bureau of Services for Blind Persons

The Bureau of Services for Blind Persons (BSBP) is part of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). The BSBP helps individuals who are blind or visually impaired find employment and achieve independence.

BSBP helps identify the appropriate training and services to meet the individual’s goals. Some individuals are also eligible for receiving adaptive equipment, computer software, and postsecondary education services.

Michigan Works!

The Michigan Works! program is a workforce development system in Michigan. Each local agency works with both employers and job seekers. Michigan Works! agencies may provide resources and programs specifically for individuals with disabilities.

Contact MRS

Local Phone: 517-335-0399
800-Line: 1-800-605-6722

Contact BSBP

Local Phone: 517-373-2062
800-Line: 1-800-292-4200
TTY Line: 1-888-864-1212 or 517-373-4025

Contact Michigan Works!

800-Line: 1-800-285-WORKS (9675)

Postsecondary Education

Michigan Association on Higher Education and Disability

The Michigan Association on Higher Education and Disability (MI-AHEAD) is an association for professionals in higher education who work with students with disabilities. MI-AHEAD provides professional development for service providers in order to enhance opportunities and ensure full inclusion in all areas of higher education. Transition professionals can contact MI-AHEAD for guidance and resources.

Contact MI-AHEAD

Phone: 269-471-3227

Community and Independent Living

Office of Social Security

The Office of Social Security provides benefits to individuals with disabilities, including students with disabilities.

Michigan Department of Civil Rights

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) provides resources and supports for anti-discrimination in Michigan, including school-level and postsecondary life concerns.

Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service

Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Inc. (MPAS) is a nonprofit, independent organization, designated by the governor, to advocate for and protect the legal rights of individuals with disabilities in Michigan. MPAS provides several services, including information and referral, technical assistance, and, when appropriate, legal representation.

Michigan Disability Rights Coalition

Michigan Disability Rights Coalition (MDRC) is an advocacy organization whose mission is to help individuals with disabilities achieve independent living.

The Arc Michigan

The Arc Michigan facilitates a statewide network of local chapters assisting persons with developmental disabilities and their families through education, training, technical assistance, and advocacy. The Arc services include Work Incentives Planning Assistance (WIPA), in which a benefits counselor can assist individuals with disabilities navigate the financial landscape of state aid.

Disability Network/Michigan

Disability Network/Michigan is the state-level organization for Michigan's Centers for Independent Living (CILs). CILs are community-based organizations that support individuals with disabilities in achieving independent living through advocacy and support.

Association for Children's Mental Health

Association for Children's Mental Health (ACMH) is a Michigan-based organization that provides family-to-family support, education, information, advocacy, networking, and leadership opportunities for families with children who have severe emotional, behavioral, and mental health disorders. ACMH works to help children live in a safe and welcoming community that provides access to needed services and supports.

Special Olympics Michigan

Special Olympics Michigan provides year-round sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with cognitive impairments. Competitions are held from local to global levels and help keep athletes engaged in the community. Special Olympics includes Project UNIFY, which is a youth-centered, school-focused initiative that brings together students with and without disabilities through education, sports, and youth leadership.

Contact Social Security

800 Line: 1-800-772-1213
TTY: 1-800-325-0778

Contact MDCR

Lansing Phone: 517-335-3165
Detroit Phone: 313-456-3700

Contact MPAS

800 Line: 1-800-288-5923

Contact MDRC

Local Phone: 517-333-2477
800 Line: 1-800-760-4600

Contact The Arc

Local Phone: 517-487-5426
800 Line: 1-800-292-7851

Contact Disability Network/Michigan

Phone: 517-339-0539

Contact ACMH

Local Phone: 517-372-4016
800 Line: 1-888-226-4543

Contact Special Olympics Michigan

Local Phone: 989-774-3911
800 Line: 1-800-644-6404

School-based and Education Supports

Michigan Department of Education, Office of Career and Technical Education

The Office of Career and Technical Education (CTE) oversees high school instructional programs that teach students skills in a specific career cluster. The mission of the office is to prepare students so they have the necessary academic, technical, and work behavior skills to enter, compete, and advance in education and their careers.

Michigan Department of Education, Office of Special Education

The Office of Special Education (OSE) oversees the administration and funding of special education programs and related services.

Michigan Department of Education, Low Incidence Outreach

The Michigan Department of Education, Low Incidence Outreach (MDE-LIO), as part of the Office of Special Education, provides technical assistance and resources for students who are blind or visually impaired (BVI), and students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH), including those with multiple impairments. MDE-LIO supports students in obtaining independent living skills.

Michigan Alliance for Families

Michigan Alliance for Families is the state's federally funded Parent Training and Information Center. Michigan Alliance provides information, support, and education for families who have a student with a disability. Parents and families can access regional centers for local parent mentors.

Michigan Special Education Mediation Program

The Michigan Special Education Mediation Program (MSEMP) helps parents, educators, and service providers develop productive relationships for resolving issues for students with disabilities. Trained, impartial mediators and IEP meeting facilitators are available at no cost to help resolve disputes.

Michigan's Integrated Technology Supports

Michigan's Integrated Technology Supports (MITS) promotes the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework and provides materials for students to support accessibility. Students with disabilities can borrow assistive technology from the MITS Lending Library to support their accommodations in the community and work environment.

Statewide Autism Resources and Training

Statewide Autism Resources and Training (START) works with schools, community partners, and families to support students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Among many START initiatives is the START Building Your Future (BYF) project, which focuses on transition for students with ASD. START BYF helps create a framework for how individuals with ASD can gain access to employment in their community helps train professionals to implement that framework within schools and adult services systems.

Contact OSE

Phone: 1-800-320-8384

Contact MDE-LIO

Local Phone: 517-373-2887
800-Line: 1-888-760-2206

Contact Michigan Alliance

800-Line: 1-800-552-4821

Contact MSEMP

Local Phone: 517-485-2274
800-Line: 1-800-8RESOLVE (1-800-8-737-6583)

Contact MITS

Phone: 517-908-3930

Contact START

Phone: 616-331-6480

Associations for Transition Professionals

Michigan Transition Services Association

The Michigan Transition Services Association (MTSA) provides leadership and promotes preparation and growth for transition professionals in Michigan. The organization also keeps community partners aware of current issues and trends in transition-related issues for all students receiving special education services.


MARO is a Michigan association of employers and organizations who provide employment and training for individuals with disabilities. MARO works with its members to increase their ability to create an inclusive workforce. MARO and its members can help provide employment and training opportunities for students with disabilities.

Division on Career Development and Transition

The Division on Career Development and Transition (DCDT) promotes national and international efforts to improve the quality of and access to career/vocational and transition services for individuals with disabilities. The DCDT is a special interest division of the Council for Exceptional Children. You must be a CEC member to join the DCDT.

Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education

The Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education (MAASE) provides professional development and networking for special education administrators in Michigan. Within MAASE, members may focus on a particular area of special education within the various Communities of Practice (CoP), including the CoP for Secondary Transition Administrators.

Contact MARO

Phone: 517-484-5588

Contact MAASE

Phone: 517-410-7065

Resource Centers

National Technical Assistance Center on Transition

The National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT) identifies and promotes evidence-based and promising practices to help students with disabilities graduate and prepare of postsecondary success in education and employment. NTACT supports states, districts, and vocational rehabilitation service providers by disseminating tools and resources.

National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

The National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET) provides technical assistance and disseminates information to support transition for students with disabilities. NCSET focuses on helping students achieve academic success at the secondary and postsecondary levels, as well as obtaining meaningful employment and independent living.

Transition Coalition

The Transition Coalition provides a variety of resources for professional development to promote successful transition for students with disabilities. The Transition Coalition has multiple online modules, models for collaboration, and other training opportunities.